February 19, 2009


I so totally heart this song weih!
A great singer -Caprice . Malaysia DJ-singer

Eventho im still not digging the whole Sofia Legends part but he did wrote the song for her in the first place so its forgivable, lol.
Anyway click to listen, if you havent heard it on Hitz.Fm Or Hot .Fm yet. Whaterver la.

Also can find it's in youtube!

If you did, continue supporting him.Really nice.

Previous hits by Caprice :

1. Dem Girls featuring Damien from VE.

2. Leng Lui.


Dang-dang! Guess what ?

I captured it when i was in Pattaya-Coral Island !

Yeah.Nice view & fun!

I think better than Redang Island rigth? My opinion la.

Next time I want go with my b. ngek ngek

Lazy to continue my blog . be back right k?

more picture soonsssss.


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